We will be hosting a witnessing course Sunday, August 19th and again on the 26th in Lone Oak at the Assembly of God church. We will be showing the videos from 2-3:30pm. After the videos are over we invite people to stay and play volleyball or fellowship if they wish. Everyone should bring a snack or sandwich for themselves.

The goal of these courses is to help us prepare to speak to others about Jesus the Christ. We would like to plan an outreach next month (when it's cooler) at A&M Commerce or one of the shopping areas in Greenville or Rockwall. Evangelism is an important task that we often put out of our minds because we are afraid of speaking to others. Together we can work to complete this vital part of our walk with God.

If you would like to see a sample of the teaching you can watch "Hell's Best Kept Secret": http://www.wayofthemaster.com/hbks.shtml

Church Location: http://www.loneoakassemblyofgod.com/