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Here you can spend time studing to God's word with a parallel King James Version and New American Standard Bible. To begin, click on the name of a book of the bible, or type what you are looking for in the search box. Please note that only words longer than three letters can show results.

Advanced Searching

For those of you who wish to fine-tune your search, there are a couple special characters you can use to help our site find the most relevant results.

The Minus Sign (-)

The search food -bread will only return verses without the term bread.

The Asterisk Sign (*)

The asterisk serves as a "wildcard" operator allowing you to search for words that have different endings. The search God lov* will match any verses that have the word God along with love, loving, or lovely in them. This is very useful for traking down hard-to-find verses in which you are unsure of the word tense.