This will be an outreach to the local families in the surrounding areas. Their children come to this church on Wed. night and Sunday mornings by the bus system the church has implemented. The families as a whole do not attend the church. We would like to meet them and let them know that they are welcome at the church at any time. This would be a time to serve them and bless them and make some new connections.

We would like to have volunteers to help with:

pony rides = walking the pony around with a lead line, etc.

puppet show team in puppet show area (Andre's and Stroder's please consider this)

board game area servant

outside: kickball game helpers

David will be providing some informative media inside in the sanctuary

music - if anyone would like to play the piano, harp, guitar, or sing; please let me know

Face Painting

Food Prep and Service

We are open to other ideas

We would like to provide sandwiches & tea and water for the families, so they have more time to spend with their kids and w/us. The Lord will provide through those He speaks to about this. If He calls you to help in any way, please contact us. Thank you for your consideration! 903 662-0910 - Allison for the Pennington's